Sunday, 20 November 2011

There's only so much criminal personality one can take

I love weekends. I love the way everything feels different. For some reason in my mind they always seemed darker and more cosy.
However a weekend is not a good think when you have 2 projects in on the same day.
All of today has been spent on my mini dissertation on the criminal personality. There's only so many time i can mention that Freuds theories are shit (well in different words maybe. Maybe not)Unfortunately the main one to suffer when i have work is my room. When i get stressed i get messy. I hat being messy, like really hate it. I'm one of those people who needs everything in their place, even my dvd collection is sorted (its colour coded)
I think this photo shows how i work well. I know you're not supposed to work on your bed. Relates it to stress etcetc but i like space to spread out.

But i've currently got my candles and fairy lights going so its all a-ok.
No outfit post today i'm afraid. NGL i am in sweatpants. And my whiteboard just fell on my head. Literally laughing through this traumatic head injury so i look like a mad woman.
I recently treated myself to the Liz Earle cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser for getting one off a first in my presentation so i'll do a review at a later date!!

Now off to watch misfits and to stop myself from getting concussion.

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