Friday, 10 May 2013

Tips For Decorating A Student House

Now thats its coming to the end of the academic year I'm starting to contemplate packing away my room.
I've really thought of this room as my own, not just the bog standard student room, and people always comment on how homely it feels. One problem that I'm sure a lot of you will face- not just students- its the fact that most landlords dont like things to be stuck on walls. So here are my tips to making a home away from home.
1. Pin boards are a godsent.

I know that pinboards are usually used to put things you dont want to loose, but theyre also great to use as alternative walls. I used to have a wall of magazine cuttings when i was younger, so i took my favourite ones and created a collage. It reminds me of home and leaves out the hassle of having to take every thing down.

2. If you've got boarders use them!

My mums friend got me these hearts for my 18th. I really wanted to put them up but had no way of doing it. Although the hangers are a bit obvious i still think its a great addition to a bare wall.

3. Utilise what it already in your room

When first setting up this room (over two years ago now!) i noticed a solitary nail. I bought this star from a craft market (theyre really common in new age shops now) and managed to attach string to it and the nail. These stars are also perfect to put over lamps as the light shines through the paper!

4. Frame it!

If there are any pictures you cant live without, use frames! These two are on my desk where i work and they brighten up my working area without being to distracting. The bee print was from the bontantic gardens in edinburgh and the butterflies are from a car boot.

Hope this helps those of you who are going to be moving into student housing or just have a fussy landlord!

What are your tips to jazz up a room without blutac or nails? What do you think of my ideas??

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