Sunday, 9 March 2014

Sunday Sum Up #5

My first ever pair of glasses! // Healthy lyf yo // No 7 Clarisonic 
Treats // Best film // OJ and lemonade (hardcore). 
Who says 21 is too old for bubbles at the pub.

So this week has been full of ups and downs. 
I'm now two weeks into my new job which I'm loving so far! Its been really nice to have a steady income in again! (which i unfortunately took a bit of advantage of today!). However I've just found out I have to have weekly blood tests to determine what my mystery illness is that's producing my chest pains. I already look like i have track marks all up my arm! I'm trying to be healthier to see if it helps!

Hows everyones week been?? Taking advantage of this fabulous weather I hope!


  1. Ahh I hope your mystery chest pains go soon! The weathers been beautiful this week, it's like summer! xx

  2. My week was quite good. I hope everything will be good in your life

  3. Hey, it's only fair to treat yourself after all that hard work! haha xx