Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sunday Sum Up #3

//The view from my room. I see sun!//Christmas pud in April, thats just how we roll//Playing with the old man
//bby boi//Got sent the demo for the band Pins. Its a cassette. Super cool// They cut down the tree i used to climb. Not cool//
//Weekly RG motivation// You can see the whole town from opposite my house// Still cold enough for fires//

Sorry I havent been posting much recently, but ive got dissertation fever, the less well known cousin of disco fever. I'm slowly getting there but its crazy to think i've got two months left! I had to book my graduation tickets yesterday arghh!!

Hows everyones week been? Enjoying the sun???

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  1. omg i've just died and gone to heaven. Ryan gosling is just ahhhhh, love him. I'm a new follower ofyour blog, it's super cuteeee, and you can follow mine if ya like at

    Tata, leah at Amour, la fille. xo