Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Its tunesday again. Hooray!!
This weeks songs dont really have a theme. Most of them are new things I've heard so enjoy!!

1. Snoop Lion & Miley Cyrus- Ashtrays and Heartbreak

Despite this having Hannah Montanna on it, i think this is hella cool. But i think this song is a love/hate as ive seen some pretty scathing reviews!

2. Wake Owl- Wild Country

Heards this the other day on Zane Lowes show when the 1975 were on. Think its perfect music for revision

3. Vampire Weekend- Diane Young

So happy that vampire weekend are back! What makes this song even better is that at easter it was performed by Steve Buscemi whilst the band looked on whilst wearing easter bonnets.

4. Walk Off the Earth- Red Hands

This band is a youtube success story. Most known for their gotye cover this song is good already, but throwing in a massive guitar just makes it better.

5. Fall Out Boy- The Pheonix

I was a MASSIVE FOB fan when i was a teenager. I love the new stuff theyve done. If you like what you hear theyyre actually streaming their new album for free a week before its release! Thanks guys! Its defo worth a listen.

What do you think of this weeks songs? Whats would you add to Tunesday this week?


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  2. Wonderful post...I like your blog.
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  3. What a unique concept for tuesday! Cannot beat a bit of fall out boy ;) xo

  4. Love Vampire Weekend!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a wonderful weekend Hun xoxo

  5. Some of these I have never heard of before so thanks for sharing :D x