Tuesday, 7 May 2013


I cant believe its been over a month since my last post! I do have an excuse though- im currently finishing up my final year a uni and we all know what that means... dissertation! Hooray.....? It was finally handed in today so blogging shall resume as normal
Now on with the tunes!

1. Star Fucker- Girls just want to have fun

Yes this is a cover of the 80s classic but i love it! And you cant really beat the name starfucker can you?

2. Gabrielle Aplin- Panic Cord

I think this is a cute little song. Plus doesnt the boyfriend in the video look like an absolute catch? His eyes are amazing!

3. New Order- Ceremony

Not a new song i know, but this song just makes me think of summer and being free! I cant wait for this month to be over and for my summer to begin!

4. Hey Champ- Cliche

Not going to lie i heard this song in H&M and had to shazam it! According to the youtube its also been played in Zara and Hollister too so im sure its one of those songs you hear without realising it!

5. Iggy Azeala- Bounce

I know that I've mentioned Iggy before but i just love her so much! Her new song is as catchy as work and look how fabby she looks!

6. David Guetta

Cheese song of the week! Cant beat a bit of Guetta!

How did everyone spend their oddly sunny bank holiday? Anyone else in the same position as me at uni??

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