Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Beggars- Mallory Knox

Today was supposed to be spent in the library and packing to go home tomorrow. Being true to form however I have cowered away in the gym for most of the day.
I've managed to find a machine that burns 300 calories in 15 minutes so I feel quite proud of myself.
I have bought myself some new running shoes recently so technically i think i was in the clear.

Just like my suitcase. Which is still residing underneath the boiler.

I've got a six and a half hour journey to look forward to tomorrow. My train is going through 4 university towns so this should be fun with everyone trying to get home!
Thoughts of being reunited with my two main men in my life will get me through.

In todays beauty news I managed to make a massive mistake yesterday. I had put on one of those heating face masks that are supposed to be on for 10 mins and decided to call my friend. An hour phone call later i went to wash it off. I had literally burnt my face. I had to put sudocream all over it. Doh!

Todays song is by Mallory Knox. The beginning bit really reminds me of another song, but i think i just really like it because it reminds me of my kerrang reading teenage years. I remembering hearing their first main song 'Death Rattle' a while back and really liking it so heres hoping theyre on the up and up!        

Sorry about the boring posts recently- I'm sure they'll pick up once i get home and have things to do!
Hows everyones week going so far? Is it full of excitement or the mundane like mine?

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  1. I hope you have good time at home. Lovely post and well done on those 300 calories lol. I went to an exercise class this morning about killed me off.

    Leah x


  2. Liverpool? Nice to see a fellow Mersey blogger! X