Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sunday Sum Up #2

//My laptop broke for 2 days. Along with my nerves// No business like snow business// Bit OTT with Kiehls samples//
//Everything tastes better in a pinapple//Bath time with lush// Diet motivation//
//Cant wait to be reunited with my main man// Should do this with my ferrets// New fav trousers//

This week hasnt been the best tbh. My laptop broke and i had a huge panic i wasnt going to get it fixed before i went home for the summer. Final semester of third year with a project to write would not be the ideal time for this to happen. Praise everything that it was fixed though. I'm currently home alone as my other housemates have gone home already, its actually quite nice- I've watched so many films! I had massive plans to go to the library nice and early today but that was cancelled due to legally blonde being on tv. Whoops!
Hope the snow isnt making life to difficult!


  1. ryan gosling diet motivation is exactly what i need !! :)

  2. ha, that Ryan photo is so funny, definitely good motivation :Dx