Thursday, 28 March 2013

How to Survive A Six Hour Train Journey

As I have mentioned before, yesterday was the day in which I embarked on the excitement that was a six hour train journey across country to come home for Easter.
Heres my tips for surviving such a trip without getting claustrophobic and being crazy.

1. Buy a lot of train food. Ideally from M&S

2. Eat it all before the train starts to move

3. Put your large suitcase into the large luggage rack. This was supposed to be for the whole carriage. It could fit two cases in and was full before we left.

4. Catch up with the latest tv shows

(image from tumblr)

5. Take one hour to watch a 20 minute showing of New Girl

6.Take pictures of the countryside

7. Realise your phone has ran out of battery

8. Become agitated and sit there being cross at everything

You could repeatedly write out the lords prayer as the person next to me did. For FOUR HOURS.

At least i was returning to a loving
family and a full fridge......

It was a return ticket right??


  1. haha aw this made me laugh! next time stock up on magazines/books when you buy food - obviously it doesnt compare to new girl BUT AN HOUR OF BUFFERING?!? how did you do it?! :)

    1. haha unfortunately i have the attention span of a 4 year old but i did manage to read about an hours worth of the hobbit! x

  2. Mmmmm, milk bottles. This sounds so similar to my trips home, I don't know what it is about trains but I'm always ravenously hungry, very bored and I always forget to charge my phone/iPod/Kindle.

    Glad to see my family isn't the only one to not roll out a welcoming feast, pfft! At least there's a can of Guinness...

  3. ahahhaa this made me laugh ' eat it all before you've set off' that is definitely me :)
    I sometimes get a puzzle book as geeky as it sounds and entertain myself with word searches and dot to dots ahahha xx

  4. Haha guess what I'm doing right now- watching New Girl from the comfort of my bed, such an addictive show!