Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Latitude Festival Line Up

Well straying away from the normal post I thought I would give my opinion of the recent line-up announcement of Latitude Festival.
I think its fantastic!
Latitude is a festival I've been going to for about 6 years now because its only about 20mins from my parents house. A couple of years ago I volunteered there (really recommend doing it, especially with Hotbox Events, 3 eight hour shifts and you get your ticket free)
This is me patrolling the non stop party that was the back field.

I didn't go last year because i wasnt very impressed with the bands playing.
Boy has that changed this year.

Excuse the big picture but unfortunately the writing is quite small.
•Firstly the headliners- I know they're not massive bands but i've already seen Foals (4 times- twice at previous latitudes) and bloc party and I can say from experience theyre amazing live!
•The rest of the music section is an indie fans wet dream. My top ten to see would be- Maccabees, Hot Chip, Alt-J, Everything everything, Disclosure, Chvrches, The 1975, Yeah yeah yeahs, wave machines and Jessie Ware
•Neon neon are going which i am incred excited about. If you didnt know it was one of gruff rhys projects based around the life of the the maker of DeLoreans (from back to the future)
•This is only the first announcement! Its bound to get even better

So yes I will hopefully be attending. Also the fact that its the weekend after graduation helps.
To bring the blog back heres an oblig festival outfit pic.
Check out that tent hair.

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