Sunday, 31 March 2013

Sunday Sum Up #3

//Catching up with Dr Who// New hair products to review later in the week// Easter!//
//My parents dont get me an egg, so I asked for these instead// Pub days// Present from my mum. Thanks//
//Best thing about easter// Posh new bakers in Woodbridge// I got this for my 18th, my mum took over a year to make it and i had no clue!//

Happy Easter everyone!!
Hope you all remembered to change your clocks! Hopefully this means that the weather should start acting like its supposed to!
My first week home hasnt been too eventful, I've mainly just been working. Yesterday I spent the whole day in the pub- had lunch and then went to go see all my friends who were back. Not going to lie I had to have a nap in between! 20 going on 90.

Hows your week been? Anything exciting happen over easter?


  1. love your blog its so pretty!

    iv only had mine for 1/2 weeks and still getting use to it

    if possibly could you check mine out ???

    thankyou so much XXXXX

  2. I watched Doctor Who last night and loved it! x

  3. I'm obsessed with those Easter bunnies! Oh and nothing beats some Saturday night doctor who :) xo

  4. Grate blog! I followed you here in blog, hope you follow me back! Nice day!
    Keep in touch. Greetings from Moscow!

  5. Oh koppaberg! I haven't had a bottle in ages and I'm really craving one now - even if it is only 10:30 am!